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Solar Solve Marine has traded very successfully throughout the first 9 months of this year, sending consignments of its products to 43 countries all over the world. In spite of all the negatives that continue to affect the global economy, turnover increased by circa 15% compared with 2021, which was also a very good year.

As readers will know, our main market sector is marine and a whole lot of interesting and prestigious marine sector contracts have already been successfully completed during 2022. They involve the supply of our SOLASOLV and ROLASOLV products, mainly the brand-leading SOLASAFE product. Type Approved, it rejects solar glare, infra-red heat and ultra-violet light and is our most popular product by far.

Some marine sector contracts we have successfully completed this year included supplying (x) consignments of SOLASAFE screens to…… US naval vessels (7); UK naval vessels (2); NZ naval vessels (3); tugs in Angola (7); Newbuilds in Japan (40); Norwegian shipbuilders (7); the list goes on and on.

Consignments (x) of the Type Approved SOLAROLA product, with similar solar rejection properties were supplied to…… US naval vessels (2); Canadian Coast Guard (3); Netherlands customers (18); Singapore shipyards (10); that list goes on and on also.

Hundreds more consignments were dispatched and when the sunscreens are in use, they will create a safer and more comfortable environment for the end users. Simply by lowering them, they will be protected from solar glare, heat and uv radiation.

John Lightfoot, Solar Solve Chairman