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The SOLASAFE® product remains one of our most popular products. It has been fitted on tens of thousands of ships, in Air Traffic Control towers worldwide, in the cabs of tower-cranes, anywhere where glare and heat need to be controlled and clear visibility is critical for operational safety.

 The US Coastguards and the Royal Navy rely on them, when scanning the horizon to identify ‘unknown’ vessels. Air traffic controllers use them, as they instruct pilots to manoeuvre passenger jets around some of the busiest airports in the world. Captains of cruise ships insist on SOLASAFE®, as do excavator and dumper truck drivers working in hot, open-cast mines. In cities around the world, high above busy construction sites, experienced operators of tower-cranes rely on SOLASAFE® to reduce dangerous glare and give them a clear field of vision.

Wherever safety depends on uninterrupted visibility, unaffected by the sudden, blinding threat of glare, SOLASAFE® does the job. It also reduces excessive heat and reduces long-term damage caused by UV light. It is the only screen to have been awarded four marine type approvals; ABS, DNV, Lloyds Register and RINA. It is specified by many national airport authorities. Construction industry professionals insist on it, by name.

One of the key benefits is that as the screen is retracted any dirt or dust is removed by the ‘wipe clean’ brush system, inside the aluminium cassette. All screens come complete with aluminium bottom rail and optional side channels or guide cables and include a 7-Year Guarantee. Wherever light, glare and heat need to be controlled, and where the permanent application of adhesive window film is either unsightly or unsuitable SOLASAFE® is the answer.

Please click to view the short video demonstrations below for the product and shade film choices.

Benefits of SOLASAFE® sunscreens

Improved visibility and safety

Up to a 93% reduction in glare. With true colour rendition objects such as navigation markers can be identified more clearly.

A cooler working environment

Up to 87% of the sun’s heat is rejected so the traditional ‘hot-house’ effect of working behind glass is significantly reduced. Crew and controllers remain more comfortable and alert.

Reduction in AC requirements

As incoming glare and heat are reduced, the temperature is lowered and therefore the need for air conditioning. Owners benefit from lower AC fuel costs.

Reduced eye strain

With glare greatly reduced, electronic charts, dashboards, radar screens and control panels are easier to read.

Protect exposed areas of the body

At least 98% of harmful UV light is filtered; skin is protected.

Go Green

Up to 81% in power cost savings per year can be made for larger vessels.

Comply with marine regulations

ISO 8468, M Notice 760, Merchant Shipping No. 1419 1998. All products are manufactured in the UK using high quality components. SOLASAFE® screens have a 7-year warranty.

Easy to install with a choice of operating systems

Manual, electric, automatic, battery.

All SolarSafe® anti-glare screens are custom made to order

To your exact dimensions and specifications and normally dispatched within 3 to 5 days, (same day service available). Choice of shade film colours – gold, silver, grey and bronze and a Choice of aluminium profile colours – 400+ shades/colours.

Free spare parts with every order for peace of mind.

Simple to use, quick to install in one complete unit.