SOLASOLV® screens reduce up to 93% of glare and reflection from the sun

In the oil and gas industry, reducing power consumption, eliminating waste, and increasing energy efficiency are critical for economic and environmental reasons. SOLASOLV® anti-glare transparent roller screens and ROLASOLV® flame-retardant fabric roller blinds are products that can help achieve these goals. Not only do they offer cost and environmental benefits, but they also improve safety on oil rigs and accommodation platforms.

Safe operation of offshore vessels is crucial for a hazard-free workplace. By reducing up to 93% of glare and reflection from the sun, SOLASOLV® screens are ideal for windows on the navigation bridge, control rooms, crane cabs, drill cabs, observation/operation rooms, and any windows where it is essential for operators to have a clear view outside.

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The offshore industry involves working in harsh environments with constantly changing weather conditions. SOLASOLV® anti-glare window films help to reduce the glare from the sun, the sea, and other reflective surfaces, improving visibility and reducing the risk of accidents and errors.

Protection from UV rays - The offshore industry involves exposure to high levels of UV radiation, which can be harmful to workers' skin and eyes. SOLASOLV® specialist films offer protection against up to 99% of harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn, skin cancer, and eye damage.

The offshore industry is known for its high energy consumption, and reducing energy costs is a priority for many companies. SOLASOLV® specialist film can help to reduce the amount of energy needed to cool down the interior spaces of offshore facilities, leading to cost savings (when installed at all windows).