Crane operation relies heavily on the operator’s efficiency. By reducing fatigue, improving comfort, and enhancing visibility, performance and safety are improved, leading to fewer complaints, accidents, and downtimes.

This is also applicable for a lot of industries including those who operate vehicles and equipment which fall under the “construction” category.

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SOLASOLV® transparent roller screens significantly reduce sun glare and reflection (up to 93%), ensuring an unobstructed outward view that is essential for maintaining a safe operational environment. In addition, up to 87% of the sun's heat is rejected, maintaining a more comfortable temperature inside the vehicle or cab.

Solar Solve's high-quality and reliable products are ideal for those that operate in demanding and harsh temperature conditions, offering the perfect solution to ensure critical operations are carried out with improved visibility. The screens maintain true colour rendition, allowing visual light signals and other objects to be easily identified

The SOLASAFE® sun blind/screen is housed in an anodized aluminium cassette headbox with an integral brush strip to protect the shade film from dust and dirt.