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A friend of mine who also runs his own business and writes blogs for his website, has told me that he does not try to sell his products or service as part of the content of his blogs.  He read somewhere on the Internet that it was not the done thing.

Regular readers of my blogs will be well aware that I often refer to Solar Solve’s excellent products, super service, and so on, because I read somewhere on the Internet that blogs are an ideal opportunity to sell yourself and should be grabbed with both hands.  So which is right?

Today I gave a presentation to all of Solar Solve’s employees about how well we had performed and what we achieved in 2017.  It was followed by another presentation outlining the objectives for this year and next; our 2018/19 two-year plan.  Here is part of what I said about planning for the future…

For those people who are prepared to read Solar Solve’s 2018 Marketing Plan you will be made aware of the fact that for every pundit who comes up with a positive view of the immediate future, you will find one who disagrees to a greater or lesser extent.  Consequently, it is usually a minefield for those of us tasked with making some sort of sense of it all so we can draw up some objects and plan how we hope to achieve them.

In another section I said…

In the UK the uncertainties created by the BREXIT dilemma are not helping.  We will just have to wait and see how they pan out.  Until then, nobody knows what will happen, in spite of what a vast number of creative pundits might pontificate.  They have absolutely no idea what is going to happen but they have to earn a living saying something, so that is where the creativity comes in – they just say anything whilst sitting in a TV studio full of hot air and collect their fee on the way out.

The message should be obvious.  When doing research or taking in information for any reason, you have to be careful and be well aware that generally speaking, a lot of the time, things are never black and white.  There are numerous Shades of Grey when evaluating information and you need to acknowledge and remember that your conclusions and consequential decisions have been made, based on information supplied by other people.  Not necessarily by people with bad intentions, just with different beliefs about what is right and wrong.

One thing is for sure, the situation will never change.  If it did, we would all be happy with just one colour – BLACK.