Continuing the theme of my last Blog, which was ‘Customer Care – Going That Extra Mile’, my wife and I ended up in Newbury for a few hours last week as part of a coach tour.

It was lunchtime and drizzling with rain, so after walking up and down a busy street we decided to have lunch in the West Cornwall Pasty Company’s bakery shop café.  Having looked in the shop window it was decided that we would have a pasty, which looked very appetising and a hot drink.  When we were ordering I noticed that they had potato wedges as a side order and so I asked for them as well.

The young lady serving me, who was very helpful and pleasant, asked if I would like to opt for their promotional meal-deal and have a portion of beans or mushy peas added because the meal would be cheaper.

Obviously I agreed and everything was fine about the quantity and quality of the food, the clean premises, the attentive staff, everything.

Whilst we were waiting for the meal to arrive, which was only a few minutes, I looked at the till receipt and saw that the mushy peas were itemised at 88p and then 95p had been deducted as the meal-deal promotional saving.

The cynical side of me immediately wondered why would a business give a customer more than they wanted and were quite happy to pay the advertised price for, at a slightly cheaper price?

The answer of course is the very reason why I am sitting here telling everyone who will listen, all about it.

Most businesses want ‘happy’ or ‘satisfied’ customers, or both.  If my experience in Newbury is anything to go by, businesses like the West Cornwall Pasty Co. want to delight their customers so that they stand head and shoulders from the ‘also rans’.

Fortunately, the same is true of Solar Solve Ltd. and I am happy to spread the word on our behalf and the West Cornwall Pasty Company’s.

In Solar Solve Marine’s case we have over 100 Customer Commendations on our website to confirm it, which you can access by clicking HERE.