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Whilst doing some recent research about container vessels I came across what seemed like hundreds of photos of them on the Internet and was very disturbed to see amongst them quite a lot of casualties.

There were photos where containers had broken free, moved over precariously to one side or had totally collapsed under the weight of the ones on top.  In some, the ship itself had capsized, broken in half, caught fire or sunk even.  There were some terrible calamities in those thought-provoking photos.

It is not my place or intention to comment on the reasons why the ‘accidents’ occurred or to suggest that having SOLASOLV anti-glare roller sunscreen products in use at the wheelhouse windows may have prevented any of the incidents occurring.  In all of the cases I looked at they did not appear to be caused by strong glare from sun or ice.

Whilst my research and all of the accidents was confined to container carriers, I know for sure that similar incidents must befall just about every type of vessel that plies the seas of the world to trade and yet rarely does the media bring such events to the attention of the world wide population.
Could it be that the industry we serve tries to keep these casualties quiet for some reason?  Or is that the media at large do not find them very news worthy?  

Whatever the reason why these events do not make the headlines, I think they should be brought to everyone’s attention, so that people are made aware of the constant dangers seafarers face on a daily basis, in their mission of trading globally for the benefit of the masses.

All of the incidents that I viewed will have been brought to the attention of the relevant maritime authorities so that they can be acted on.  However, some publicity aimed at the general public would be a good way of educating the world population for two very good reasons.

It would focus on the massive industry that transports raw materials and finished goods around the world by sea, so that people can enjoy life and it would also highlight the associated dangers that are faced by the seafarers involved as a consequence.