A few years ago, when I was at a charity event, there was a group of people with learning difficulties, supported by their carers, doing a sponsored walk and printed on their bright yellow tee-shirts was the slogan STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE.  They were all having a great time and I thought that their motto was very appropriate and a real winner.

In the back of my mind I saw an opportunity to pinch it and use it as a Solar Solve slogan.  When I suggested it at the next monthly marketing meeting, Julie, our MD pointed out that whilst it was a good basis of an idea, we had past the point of striving for excellence many years previously and were actually achieving excellence.  From that point onwards ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE was added to our database of slogans.  Currently we have 22 and select a different one every 3 months to use on emails and other relevant marketing literature.

The latest one MANUFACTURED TO EXCELLENT STANDARDS….. YOURS!, has just been selected and is a play on the same theme.  I raise the subject to highlight the fact that no matter how good or successful a business or an individual is, you cannot relax and expect the fame or reputation to keep you thriving.  Unfortunately it just doesn’t work like that, even for a Brand Leader like Solar Solve.

Just think of all the famous celebrities, athletes, politicians, First Ladies, ex-prime minsters and presidents who have written books.  They may have famous names and reputations but to ensure maximum sales for their tome they have to do promotional tours, sometimes world-wide and get up at very, very early hours in the morning to be at radio and TV studios for the breakfast shows.  It’s something I cannot believe is necessary but it obviously is, otherwise I doubt if the would do it.

Here at Solar Solve we hold weekly and monthly marketing meetings (along with a lot of other daily, weekly and monthly meetings).  Like all other businesses we cannot rest on our laurels, we are having to come up with new ideas all the time or try to put a new slant on old ideas to freshen them up.  It’s when genuinely completed customer questionnaires are received with statements from the sender saying they do not think we can improve our products or service – that’s when we realise that it may not be easy but all the hard work is worthwhile and we are MANUFACTURING OUR PRODUCTS TO MEET OUR CUSTOMERS EXCELLENT STANDARDS.