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Tyneside based Solar Solve Marine didn’t need a pilot cutter to guide them to this order for 5 of their well known SOLASAFE anti glare roller sunscreens. However, they ended up on one anyway as the screens were for the wheelhouse of the Port of Tyne’s new pilot boat ‘Collingwood’, which was christened in August of last year by Mrs Collingwood-Cameron, a direct descendent of Lord Admiral Collingwood.

Born the son of a Newcastle merchant in 1748, Cuthbert Collingwood first went to sea in 1761 and his connection with Lord Nelson began in the 1770’s. It was as Nelson’s second in command at the Battle of Trafalgar that Collingwood achieved his greatest notoriety, both as master of his ship the Royal Sovereign and by taking command of the battle on the death of Nelson. Following Trafalgar he was awarded a peerage but died at sea in 1810 and was later buried in St. Paul’s Cathedral. His statue stands atop a pedestal on the banks of the river Tyne at North Shields and can be seen from the sea as well as the river.

The new 16m aluminium pilot cutter is the first example in the UK of a mainstream aluminium pilot boat and was designed and built by Mustang Marine at Pembroke Dock in Wales. Special features ensure a fast vessel with an excellent ability to manoeuvre at sea, which is vital for the role that pilot boats play in boarding and landing pilots in all weather conditions. Powered by Scania engines, the boat has a top speed at sea of 22 knots and will be Port of Tyne’s preferred all weather vessel.

Ron Taylor, Solar Solve Marine’s Production Manager was closely involved with the measuring, production and installation of the SOLASAFE screens, which reject infra red and ultra violet radiation as well as glare from the sun. He said, “The Port of Tyne’s investment of over £750k means that the vessel has been designed with strength and durability in mind and with a whole host of the latest and best ergonomically designed equipment for the crew’s safety and comfort. The installation of Solar Solve’s screens is the icing on the cake and completes the superior outfitting of this impressive vessel.”

John Lightfoot, chairman of Solar Solve added, “Port of Tyne, owners of ‘Collingwood’ are our landlords and it has been nice to do another bit of inter-trading with them. We congratulate them on acquiring such a magnificent addition to their fleet.”

Top Image – Collingwood Crew