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On 30 July 2021, the new 24,000teu container ship, EVER ACE, built by Samsung Heavy Industries for Evergreen Marine Corporation of Taiwan, made her maiden voyage to Qingdao Port, Shandong, PRC.  On completion of loading the container capacity of EVER ACE reached 23,992 teu, surpassing HMM Algeciras (23,964 teu) which was delivered to the Korean operator HMM in 2020, and once again breaking the record as the world’s largest container ship.

This event was excellent news for John Lightfoot, MBE, Solar Solve Marine’s very proud chairman and all of his great team.  He commented, “As reported by us in a previous news release; in June 2020, the world’s biggest container carrier, HMM Algeciras, arrived in Essex, from China, to drop off containers of imports and load containers of UK exports.  There are SOLASAFE screens installed at all 21 of the vessel’s Navigation Bridge windows.”

“Obviously, the whole team at our South Shields, UK facility, the only place in the world where SOLASAFE Type Approved roller sunscreens are manufactured, are delighted about the news that the new ‘Worlds Biggest Container Ship’ record-holder, EVER ACE, also has the world’s brand-leading SOLASAFE screens installed at all of the vessel’s Navigation Bridge windows.  This time there are 55 screens that will protect personnel on the Navigation Bridge from the glare, heat and harmful uv effects from the sun, when they are in use.”

The full story of this significant achievement can be read here, on the website.

John H Lightfoot MBE