Whilst I have a definite personal opinion about the forthcoming British EU referendum I need to remain neutral in these blogs as my personal opinion will almost certainly not be that of every Solar Solve employee.

I only broach the subject because I am keen to see a successful referendum, whatever the outcome, take place and so I watch a lot of televised reviews regarding the various debates and I agree with most of the reviewers. Their consensus seems to be that the current ‘don’t knows’ are not being helped with their decision-making dilemma by either side.

The emphasis that the media is putting on unsubstantiated claims by individual representatives on both sides of the EU argument is staggering. The TRUTH is, nobody knows what will happen if the UK stays in the EU, or if it leaves. It is all guesswork based on past performance and future projections that will change with time.

To my mind not nearly enough emphasis is being put on the words COULD and MAYBE and POSSIBLY that prefix an earth-shattering claim. Instead the full emphasis is put on the extreme, often overkilled statement itself, which in reality will be very unlikely to happen.

Nobody knows what will happen but taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut is certainly not being appreciated by those who want to make the right choice (don’t we all) but are more confused than before the lobbying began.

Let’s hope the offenders realise their mistakes and correct them before it’s too late.