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Solar Solve Marine, the South Shields based manufacturer of SOLASOLV® anti-glare, heat rejecting roller screens for navigation bridge windows, has just received an order from Condor Ferries for its vessel the Commodore Clipper – a ferry that sails from the UK to the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey.

Whilst one of the benefits of SOLASOLV® roller screens is to reduce heat, the main reason for ordering during spring time is to help reduce excessive glare from the sun which can be in the direct line of vision as well as reflection off the water to create an uncomfortable and hazardous navigating experience. By rejecting up to 92% of glare, eye-strain is significantly reduced and the bridge equipment displays are easier to read so human errors are less likely to occur. A clear outward view is also maintained to ensure a safer journey for passengers and crew.

The Commodore Clipper was constructed by the Van der Giessen de Noord shipyard in Rotterdam, the Netherlands at a cost of US$48  million. The vessel was launched in May 1999 and was the largest single investment made by the Condor Group at its time of purchase. The Commodore Clipper can carry 92 trucks / trailers, 279 cars and up to 500 passengers. It is a vital lifeline link between the UK mainland and Jersey and Guernsey as it carries regular freight and supplies to the islands. Five new SOLASAFE® sunscreens have been ordered for the navigation bridge windows.

Paul Hopkins, Solar Solve Marine’s Sales and Marketing Executive commented, “We have been supplying Condor Ferries with our SOLASOLV® and ROLASOLV® products for many years and after a recent refurbishment of this vessel, the company has chosen once again to purchase SOLASOLV® roller screens which will provide many years of trouble free service for the crew who navigate the ship.”