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In today’s world of global just about everything, many, if not most, potential customers look for some sort of convincing evidence that an organisation they are considering doing business with, is genuine in every way.

Having found one or more suppliers of what they are looking for, most people with check and compare prices, making sure they are also comparing like-for-like regarding quality, delivery, etc. Unfortunately these days, the vast majority of sales are carried out over the Internet and the supplier could be thousands of miles away in a foreign country that may be different to where they say they are located. Potential customers therefore should try to establish that the organisation they are considering does exist as stated in the Internet information and will supply exactly what they want, exactly when and where they want it and for the agreed price. They also need to be as sure as they can be that the company is honest and scrupulous and will not use the financial information provided to them for payment, for any reason other than that.

The good news is that most organisations that trade on the Internet include ‘Customer Reviews’ as an option to convince potential customers they are genuine and the reviews will confirm it. Life being what it is these days, there are some websites that make up their own positive customer reviews but very often they can be seen through and as a percentage of the total, they are very small. The message is, though, ‘BE CAREFUL’.

Personally I always check out the customer reviews and 50% of the time I read something that prompts me to move on to another supplier or at least an alternative product. Sometimes it is simply that an electrical item has a short cord, something I might have missed, or they may not have mentioned, in the product description and nothing to do with the honesty and integrity of the seller. Still very useful information though.

Last month we received some Customer Commendation forms from Solar Solve customers and I have noted below comments from a couple of them.

“We choose Solar Solve because of top quality products and impeccable service. Right now I can’t think of a reason to improve.” Silvia, Cadiz, Spain.

“We are regular customers and choose Solar Solve because quality of products is very good. You don’t need to improve, your services are very good. Everything is very good.” Stavroulakis, Cyprus.

There are 273 more Customer Commendations on the Solar Solve website Testimonials page here. I can assure the whole world, because that is where they come from, that every customer commendation is absolutely genuine, with original documentation held at Solar Solve’s Headquarters in South Shields, UK.

John Lightfoot, Solar Solve Chairman