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We recently received a particularly complimentary feedback form from a long-time customer based in Singapore. He regularly sends us feedback and it is always very positive.

It prompted me to get my act together and go through the feedback forms that have accumulated over the past few months, to select some of the many flattering customer commendations and post them on Solar Solve’s website TESTIMONIALS page.

Whilst just about every form is absolutely positive in every way, the fact of life is that we receive only a small percentage of the number sent out. A feedback form is enclosed with all sorts of other documentation, inside the main packing case of every order, giving installers a chance to comment on any aspects of it that they were associated with. After 2 or 3 weeks, another feedback form is also emailed to the person who placed the order, to give them an opportunity to comment on the administrative aspects of its fulfilment.

We know one reason we don’t get a lot of forms back is because nothing goes wrong and so they are not needed for complaints. The other reason is that most people are too busy and whilst they would take time to complain about something, they are much less likely to tell a supplier how happy they were with the service received. After all, it is what they expect when placing the order.

The person mentioned in my opening sentence, Kok GL, based in Singapore wrote, “Everything was very good and you cannot improve. We use Solar Solve because of the fast delivery and response, plus good pricing.”

That commendation became 1 of the 12 new ones that were uploaded to our website Testimonials page last week.

A couple of the others were, “We chose Solar Solve because they are the best products on the market. We have a long time experience with your company. Everything was very good.” Vadam, Greece.

“We found out about you because Solar Solve products were already installed on the vessel. We chose you because of the quality. Everything was very good. Keep on doing the great job” Capt. S, Cyprus.

All of the 12 new commendations plus the other 273 can viewed here.

If you have time to take a look, I think you will be well impressed.

Sincere thanks from all of the SSL Team to the nice people who take the time to respond with feedback.

John Lightfoot, MBE, CMarEng, FIMarEST, Fellow South Shields Marine School

Solar Solve Chairman