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In June of this year, Solar Solve Marine’s Production Technicians, Ian Sharpe and Paul Meston, marked their 10th Anniversary working for the internationally famous company.  Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the directors of the business have not yet been able to arrange a celebration for the dedicated employees and their equally dedicated work colleagues.

Both men work in the factory manufacturing Solar Solve Marine’s full range of Made-to-Measure products, to the company’s exacting standards and with a fast turn-around.  Being multi skilled and multi tasked, Ian and Paul are trained and qualified to perform all of the company’s production procedures to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards.  They are also skilled installers of Solar Solve’s product range, having been on many trips away from the factory when customers request the service.

Both men also perform dedicated voluntary roles at Solar Solve, for which they have been specially trained, are totally committed and are regularly re-certified.  Ian is one of 4 volunteer Fire Wardens, a position he has held for most of the time he has been employed by the company.  Paul is one of 2 volunteer Automated Defibrillator Responders, a role he undertook after retiring from his previous position as one of the volunteer First-Aiders, which he held for many years.   Their commitment to the company as volunteers is very much valued by the directors.

MD, Julie Lightfoot, commented, “Paul and Ian both joined us on the 8th of June, in 2010 and they obviously do not regret the move because they are still here, more than 10 years later.  They continue to do a great job for the company by delighting our customers, just as they always have.”

“As well as being a significant occasion for them, it now means that all of Solar Solve’s employees have worked for the company for more than 10 years, which is an achievement the owner-directors are justly proud of.”

“We have a brilliant team of people, all working together, driving the business forward despite the Coronavirus, and maintaining our long-held reputation as the global marine industry’s brand leader.  We are all looking forward to when we can hold a proper party to celebrate Ian and Paul’s achievement.”

John Lightfoot MBE, Chairman of Solar Solve Marine, says a big “Thank You” to Production Technician Paul Meston, for his 10 years of loyal and committed service to the company, whilst Paul shows off his Congratulations card that contains a gift from the Directors, in appreciation.
Solar Solve’s Managing Director, Julie Lightfoot MBE, thanks Production Technician Ian Sharpe for his 10 years of loyal and committed service to Solar Solve. Ian was presented with a Congratulations card and gift from the directors as a mark of their appreciation.