As many of our readers will know, Solar Solve predominately exports over 80% of its world famous SOLASOLV sunscreens. The most percentage wise that we have ever exported was a very impressive 90% in 2011. It is with figures like these that have helped us survive the latest recession, coupled with by not being too reliant on any one country in particular.

The Chairman recently compiled a list of all of the countries that we have exported to over the years. I was pleasantly surprised to see that we have exported to an impressive 84 Countries across 6 Continents. Recent additions to list within the last few months are Kyrgyzstan (I had to look on the map when this order came in!) and Nepal. Other destinations include Angola, Brazil, Greenland, Slovakia and The British Virgin Islands to name a few.

If you add in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland (these are not classed as export sales) we have actually traded with 88 Countries – not bad for a small family run firm located in the North East of England.