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The management of crew fatigue was first identified as being one of the main benefits of SOLASOLV, way back in 2007 and was always included as such in the company’s marketing literature.  Seven years later it was given special attention when, in 2014 Solar Solve’s Brand Awareness promotion for that year was called FATMAN FOURTEEN.  FATMAN FOURTEEN WAS NOT A PERSON – It referred to Solar Solve Marine’s FATigue MANagement awareness project for 2014 and how we thought we may have been able to help our customers with theirs.  We knew that most shipowners are well aware of the crew fatigue problems associated with short trips for example and that they do all that they can to enhance the working and living conditions for their personnel.

SOLASOLV and ROLASOLV products help immensely in that direction, when fatigue is caused by the sun or ice and there are many customer commendations on www.solasolv.com TESTIMONIALS page Here that verify the fact. 

The promotion, combined with the determination of many caring shipowners to act and do as much as they can for their valued employees, has been a real success and has continued to be so, ever since.  That was the reason why we decided to make CREW FATIGUE MANAGEMENT one of Solar Solve’s 2020 visions and hence the name and FATMAN 2020 project was created.

It isn’t just about employees who work on ships at sea, it is about all employees, including our great team here at Solar Solve and even myself.

In this blog I am going to run through the blogs and other documents created on the subject since 2007, with a link to their location on www.solasolv.com website, for starters and then over the next couple of weeks expand my thoughts on this important subject, giving more time to the general aspects that effect all employees on land, sea or in the air.

As mentioned above, it was in mid-2007 when we first created the acronym FATMAN and promoted the benefits of Solar Solve’s products towards fatigue management.  It is mentioned in some detail in my blog dated 27 November 2018, Here that relates to SOLASOLV PRODUCTS SELLING THEMSELVES.  The previous month, on 30 October 2018, I had written a whole blog titled, FATMAN IS POLITICALLY CORRECT AND HUGELY IMPORTANT, which can be read Here.

January 15th and 22nd saw two more blogs.  One was FATIGUE MANAGEMENT IS CRUCIAL IN THE WORKPLACE, which is Here and the other FATIGUE MANAGEMENT IS CRUCIAL OUTSIDE OF THE WORKPLACE and is Here.

The 19th February blog was an interesting one about Japanese ship design that was aimed at managing fatigue, titled DESIGN WAKE-UP CALL TO TACKLE SEAFARER FATIGUE, which is Here.  The last 2 blogs on this subject were on the 5th and 19th of March with titles ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, available Here and COMBATTING THE SHORTAGE OF SEAFARERS, which is Here.

Enjoy your reading and I will have more to blog about next week.

JHL MBE SSL Co. Chairman