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For more than 15 years Solar Solve has publicised the benefits of using our products to GO-GREEN.  During June of this year my Blogs concentrated on the subject and the laboratory tests we commissioned in 2001 which confirm that, when in use, all of Solar Solve’s products contribute towards fuel economy. Those tests showed that the Total Solar Energy Rejected can reach as high as 87.7%, resulting in fewer carbon dioxide and other destructive gases exhausting into the atmosphere.

Great news, so why have I mentioned the ELECTRIC screen in the blog title?  Surely electric screens and roller blinds are not green?  That is correct but Solar Solve produces a range of SELFPOWA® electric roller sunscreens and flame retardant roller blinds that make life easier for the end-users with no effect on the environment.

A glance at our website www.solasolv.com shows that we offer electric operation of most products with a variety of power options such as Electric by remote control, group control and ⁄ or local individual control − the perfect solution for operating blinds in difficult places or at high or large windows. Low-voltage (LOVO-24V D.C) is available for smaller sized roller blinds. High voltage (HIVO-230V A.C, 50Hz or 60Hz) is available over the full range of roller blind sizes.  These products all have their advantages but they do consume small amounts of power.

SELFPOWA® on the other hand is 100% wireless and battery operated with no wiring required.  The 12v DC lithium battery powered motor is discretely located out of sight within the aluminium roller blind tube.  Users can enjoy the convenience of a powered, Type Approved roller blind or sunscreen from the comfort of their seat, that is eco-friendly and has no running costs.  A wide choice of remote control options are available for controlling individual or multiple roller blinds simultaneously.

All of Solar Solve’s electric systems can be used to remotely operate both SOLASOLV® anti-glare sunscreens and ROLASOLV® flame retardant roller blinds that are used on Marine Vessels, Oil Rigs, Gas Platforms, VTS Control Towers, Air Traffic Control Towers, Cranes and many other locations where the sun is a problem!