Most marine businesses around the world can tell from a reduction in activity that the holiday season is with us once more and many people in our industry are off on their hols and rightly so I would guess.

I have already taken half my annual holiday entitlement and almost every week over the summer at least one of my colleagues has previously had a vacation or will be taking one in the near future.

So the usual drop in orders at this time of the year is compensated by the fact there are fewer people available to process them. Quite convenient really.

The system seems to work well considering our industry is global, with ‘summertime’ varying depending on the continent in which you are located.

I have just returned from a wet week in Stavanger with my wife but it was great. On some days there were up to 3 mega cruise ships in the port and whilst it is excellent news that cruising is very popular it was also a bit unreal to take in their extremely huge size and amazing to watch how skilfully they can be manoeuvred in very small areas. Testament indeed to the skills, design, research and operations abilities of the tens of thousands of people who are involved in their creation and functioning.

We also visited Norsk Oljemuseum, the Norwegian Petroleum Museum and Oil and Gas Archives. It was absolutely fascinating and definitely worth a visit for anyone in the area. Happy Holidays!!