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It’s a while since I prepared some Customer Commendations to be added to the 170 that are already on our website.  There are now quite a few new ones in my file, so I thought I would spend an hour of self-indulgence going through them and reading, once again, just how wonderful our great team at Solar Solve really are.

Regular readers of my blogs may remember that on 26th June we received a commendation from Mr. BM, a UK domestic customer who was so flattering I sat down and wrote a blog about him right there and then.

His complimentary remarks, which included “Your products, services, everything, were excellent”, are one of the ones that are being added to the Solar Solve website Testimonials page : click here this week, along with another twelve.

As well as BM telling us he did not think we could improve, Samantha, also based in the UK and a long-time customer of Solar Solve’s for more than 20 years, was of the same opinion.  Samantha added, “we feel your product is superior to the competition”, which is really great news for us.

Australian Tug Captain, Dale said, “You guys are legends and you can be certain that we will be passing on to others just how good your after-sales service is and your products are”.  Dale contacted us for a quote for spares to replace parts that had worn on his tug’s existing SOLASOLV screens.  Much of his euphoria was because we offered to supply them free of charge, including carriage to Australia, which he readily accepted.  Who wouldn’t??

Gary, a USA based crane operator contacted us to see if we could help solve his problems due to the sun.  He later contacted us and wrote, “I really like the sunscreen, it works great, so thanks for your help and I will pass along your company name to anyone else looking for the same thing.”

A Royal New Zealand Navy Lieutenant Commander suggested, “You should promote the fact that you supply free spare parts more.”  A corporal in the Canadian Coast Guard advised us that, “The blinds were installed yesterday and the difference is very noticeable.”

From the remainder, the comments included, “Wow, that was quick.”;  “Great service yet again.”;  “All items were installed on the vessel and the customer was very pleased.”;  “Chose Solar Solve because of Price/Quality relation.”;  “Very fast!!  Really a very good service.”

It’s all extremely good to know.  For us to receive such very nice compliments makes us proud of what we do and how well we are able to make life a little bit easier for people around the world, who often work under stressful conditions.  The fact that a lot of them take the time and trouble to get in touch to praise us is really appreciated.

Some years ago the joint North East UK Branch of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology and the Royal Institution of Naval Architects presented an award to Solar Solve Marine for Excellence in the Marine Industry, which we are extremely proud of and it is prominently displayed at our factory.

We don’t get carried away though, our motto is ‘Customer is King’ and always will be.  We will always need customers and will do everything we can to delight them, again and again and again.

Thanks everyone.

Top Image : Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology Award for EXCELLENCE IN THE MARINE INDUSTRY