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“Inscrutable Maybe – Loyalist Definitely”, I am referring to the Japanese, having just completed a Solar Solve News Release that gives details of an order we sent off to one of our World Wide Distributors located there.

Whilst doing my research and compiling the piece, I was reminded how patriotic the people who live there really are, but in a very quiet, non-aggressive way.

The article made reference to Solar Solve’s success in supplying our SOLASAFE products to Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co., to be installed at navigation bridge windows of 3 car carriers currently being built by them.

In it I commented, “For the past couple of decades, Japanese shipbuilders have been fighting hard to survive against real threats from Chinese and South Korean shipyards and managed to do so quite successfully, due to the loyalty and support of Japanese shipowners.”

“They have always produced good quality, highly technical vessels and been at the forefront of innovative ship design, which has ensured their continued existence as a ship building nation to be reckoned with.”

“Japan is well known as a difficult country to export to and is not a huge market for Solar Solve but it is still a significant one for us and we are always pleased and very proud when we win orders there.”

I have visited the country a few times and for all that patriotism and loyalty you don’t see Japanese flags flying all over the place.  I would guess that you see more Union Jack flags flying on buildings and houses in the UK than there are in Japan and we fly very few flags in this country.

Another guess, though I am pretty sure it is a true fact, is that the USA is by far and away the most openly patriotic country.  The Stars and Stripes can be seen flying from just about everywhere, with many people wearing a flag badge in their lapel or as a brooch.  It is the only country where I have seen just about everyone put their hand over their heart when the National Anthem is played.

These 2 nations are both very successfully patriotic and their loyal people benefit from it immensely, even though they go about it in totally different ways.  I doubt if either of them could do it any other way.