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Solar Solve Marine, the South Shields based manufacturer of SOLASOLV® marine window blinds for navigation bridge windows, has just received an order from Irish Ferries for one of its vessels.

The HSC Jonathan Swift (aka Dublin Swift) is a high-speed ferry and operates on a Dublin – Holyhead service. It is named after the Anglo-Irish author Jonathan Swift who is remembered for writing such works as Gulliver’s Travels. The company has just ordered 3 marine window blinds for the navigation bridge windows of this vessel.

The UK is currently experiencing their winter season and whilst one of the benefits of SOLASOLV® marine window blinds is to reduce heat, the main reason for ordering during the winter months is to help to reduce excessive glare from the low lying sun. In this situation the sun tends to be in the line of sight and reflects off the water to create an uncomfortable navigating experience. By rejecting up to 92% of glare, eye-strain is significantly reduced so the bridge equipment displays are easier to read and human errors are less likely to occur. A clear outward view is also maintained which creates a more comfortable working environment.

The Jonathan Swift was constructed by Austal Ships in Henderson, Australia, at a cost £29 million Irish Pounds (approximately 37m Euros). The vessel was launched in February 1999 and was delivered to Dublin in May, before entering service in July 1999. The vessel is a catamaran design and was the first high-speed craft operated by Irish Ferries. It can carry 800 passengers and 200 cars.

Power is provided by four Caterpillar 3618 diesel engines with a total output of 28,800 kW. The vessel employs four Kamewa waterjets for propulsion and has a service speed of 40 knots (75 km/h) which means arrival time to Holyhead or Dublin can be as quick as 1 hour 49 minutes.

Paul Hopkins, Solar Solve Marine’s Sales and Marketing Executive commented, “SOLASOLV® marine window blinds are not only very beneficial in summer they are also very useful in the winter when the sun and its reflections on water can be troublesome for vessels who sail in a fixed position towards it on their shipping routes. We are delighted that Irish Ferries has opted to purchase SOLASOLV® marine window blinds which are custom-made to order in Britain to exact window dimensions and exported worldwide.”