Since the emergence of Donald Trump with his presidential campaign, there has been news headlines from time-to-time claiming some reports are ‘Fake News’.  Personally I don’t listen to them and so I don’t know what the implications are.  However, I do know that some aspects to the world’s media can and do influence the way people think by making ‘mountains out of molehills’.  I am not suggesting this method of reporting is ‘Fake News’ but it is certainly playing around with the truth.  Brexit as a news item is a shining example.

Within our own marine industry, but to a much lesser extent, what the reporters tell us can fill us with hope or prepare us for forthcoming doom.

We all know that sensationalism sells newspapers and that a dozen reporters writing for their publication will all put a different spin on a story to get the most sensational piece that will hopefully sell more copies.  If it means straying from the actual facts a bit, or a lot, to make it sound more sensational, so be it.

I have the responsibility of having to report to my Board of Directors every month with a report entitled ‘The state of the global Marine Industry’.  Naturally I am influenced by how it is affecting Solar Solve Marine and the demand for our Type Approved, Brand leading SOLASOLV and ROLASOLV products but I also have to get a global aspect of how others see it.  Therein lies the problem.  It depends who you contact for information, where you research, what products or services they supply into the industry, what areas of the world they are located and trade to and what kinds of vessels they operate.

Amongst all that lot there will be organisations that are suffering so badly they are going bust and others who are doing so well they are expanding in all directions.  However, the research is still very interesting, informative and useful in helping us with forward planning.  The fact that we are still trading successfully after more than 40 years is all the proof we need to confirm it.