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Apart from the supermarkets, which must be doing exceptionally well at the moment, I have a lot of sympathy for the retail traders who rely on the high street for the bulk of their sales.  Many will probably never re-open.

Part of the problem is people like me who, for quite a few years now, have been too lazy to go out and look around shops for things that I need.  I don’t mind doing a weekly food shop at one supermarket.  I quite enjoy it and rotate around 3 or 4 of the biggest ones for a bit of variety.

When it comes to anything else I usually buy from the Internet and since Covid-19 I have had no choice in the matter.  It has also changed things at work so I find myself purchasing stuff for the business and that too is all done online.

The amazing thing is that whatever I seem to need, either for home or for work, I am able to get it fairly easily with straightforward delivery just as good as it always has been.

On the Industrial Park where Solar Solve is located, most, if not all of the factories are open for business and many of them didn’t really close down.

I try to avoid the news because of the media’s fascination with all things negative and the resultant propaganda that convinces the masses that we are in an absolute state of gloom and doom, never to be recovered from, ever.

At Solar Solve we are happy that we are doing very well and are part of the global industrial network, which also seems to be doing OK, although there are casualties.

We sympathise with the food, entertainment and travel sectors who have really been badly hit.  Vast numbers of them are being devastated and have already gone bust.  When it is all over, many more are unlikely to re-open, victims of the fact that they are where most of us spend our disposable income and in a pandemic we can do without what it is they have to offer.  Most people are not happy about it but accept the reality of it.

As someone who does not have any answers to the Covid-19 problem, I try not to criticise the people who are not only expected to come up with solutions but to get them right every time.

In spite of the negative propaganda, I am sure that the world will get back to normal in time and we will probably be all the better for it.

JHL MBE SSL Co. Chairman