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At Solar Solve one of our main objectives is to delight our customers and we achieve it in a number of ways.

We respond to a telephone call before it rings three times and then deal with the enquiry immediately, both of which are our standard service during the normal working week for virtually every enquirer.  Why not ring us and test it out?

Emailed enquiries, quotation requests and orders are acted upon immediately.  During the normal working week, when we are busy, emails are prioritised according to their requirements using the knowledge and wisdom that our admin team have built up over many years.  Between them the 5-man administration team have over 70 years of service with Solar Solve and have been working together as a team for over 11 years.  They know our customers and our business operation extremely well.

Equally highly skilled and totally committed, are the long serving production and technical team who produce the world-famous, Brand Leading SOLASOLV and ROLASOLV products that Solar Solve is renowned for globally within the marine industry.

The two teams together provide a service to customers that ensures they always get Exactly What they want, Exactly Where they want it and Exactly When they want it, no matter where in the world the destination may be.

I know these statements are true and proven because, like most world class, very successful businesses that offer a product or service, we have a number of ways of finding out what our customers think about us, which means that we receive customer comments that include the following ones.

‘Thanks a lot, I appreciate your fast response on this one… We received the samples you sent over, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the sample blind.  I must say it is the best sample I have ever received and the customer was also impressed.’ (Tom C,. Design Engineer, UK)

‘I have previously used your company.  You have a recognised quality product and very good service’.  (Kevin W., Ireland)

‘Your product is so good that I had to put it into my new boats’.  (James D., Manager, New Zealand)

‘Everything was satisfactory, no complaints.  I purchased the materials myself and can say from a procurement standpoint the purchase went very smoothly thanks to excellent customer service provided by your company.’  (Andrew P., USA Shipyard)

‘The vessel received the chain and it was much appreciated.  Thank you for your effort and excellent service.’  (J Gillis, Master, KARAN)

‘Products and service were very good.  We were looking for an anti-glare solution that would allow safer navigation up sun, we researched a few products and companies – Solar Solve were the best.  Not the cheapest – the best.’  (Mark J. MYA)

These comments were just some of the commendations received during the last 5 weeks.  We get them all of the time and we are still delighted, motivated and very proud when we do.