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When I was a serving Marine Engineer with Shell Tankers 55 years ago, there were hardly any females working in the profession at sea.  It was definitely a man’s world.  Gradually, very, very gradually, the situation has been changing and we now have females employed in every engineering discipline imaginable.  It has not been easy for them to embark on a career that was and still is dominated by men.  Fortunately, the intelligent guys, and I class myself as one of them, realised very early on that women have a significant role to play in all occupations.  In engineering, as in many other professions, the proof is confirmed in the fact that the ladies are very often the top performers.  In their determination to win in a man’s world they have to work extra hard and as a result they become the best at the job.  A great reward for fighters and winners.

I was motivated to write this Blog whilst reading some articles about girls who have chosen engineering as a career.  There is a nice photo of one such person here https://www.inspira.org.uk/blog/apprenticeship-worth-doing and interesting piece about another successful young lady, Danyelle Haines at this location here http://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/ulverston/Ulverston-teenager-credits-whole-GSK-team-after-scooping-top-young-talent-award-6a015475-7447-495d-9bb5-fee0a6a256f9-ds.  I admire these young females immensely and wish them well in their chosen careers.  The likelihood is that they will achieve good management positions relatively quickly.

We are all aware of the successful female politicians, adventurers, sportswomen and warriors that have become famous throughout history.  Many of them accomplishing deeds that were far better than even the best of men could hope for.

Closer to home, I am very happy and extremely proud of the fact that I serve on the Board of Solar Solve Ltd with two other people, both of whom are females.  Without my wife Lilian and my daughter Julie working alongside me, I can state categorically  that our business would not be nearly as successful as it has been over the past 25 years.  So let’s hear it for the girls!!