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‘MERMAID SEARCHER’ is a multi purpose vessel built by Guangzhou Panyu Lingsham shipyard in China for Mermaid Marine Australia Ltd (MMA), who took delivery in September 2008.

It can serve as an offshore Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), Research Survey ship or ROV vessel acting as the mother ship for Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles. ROV is the common accepted name for tethered underwater robots in the offshore industry that are unoccupied, highly manoeuvrable and linked to the mother ship by cables, from where they are operated.

At 53.8 m long, 13.8 m beam, 4.5 m deep and 988 dwt, the vessel is powered by a 3200 BHP engine and has berths for 38 personnel.

MMA is Australia’s largest marine services provider to the offshore oil and gas industry and ‘Mermaid Searcher’ is just one of more than 20 vessels in their impressive fleet, having invested $100m over the last 5 years in a fleet renewal and infrastructure development programme. MMA want to ensure they are able to meet the emerging requirements in Australia’s offshore oil and gas industry; particularly in the North West Shelf and other regions where multiple billion dollar developments are in place.

Carl Johnson, Solar Solve Marine’s Operations Director, commented, “This type of vessel has windows all round the wheelhouse and bridge control areas, with the aft windows looking out onto the deck working areas. Consequently, although the vessel is relatively small, 35 windows, which is a significant number, have been fitted with SOLAROLA® screens to reject glare, heat and uv radiation from the sun.”

Julie Lightfoot, Managing Director of Solar Solve added, “Offshore operations are always very demanding, hectic and potentially dangerous, so anything a responsible vessel operator can do to help protect personnel is always appreciated by the crew. The installation of SOLAROLA® screens is one such measure and we appreciate this opportunity to be of help.”

Top Image – 35 wheelhouse and control room  windows on Mermaid Searcher  have been fitted with SOLAROLA® sunscreens to make life a little easier and safer for the crew.