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On Wednesday 20th December we attended the South Shields Mission to Seafarers to make our annual donation to this charity.

Every year to encourage customers to complete an online feedback survey we promise to donate £4 for every completed entry that we receive. Naturally, we like to top up this number to a nice wholesome round figure at the end of the period.

Seafarers from vessels visiting our port, can go to the mission for a few hours break away from their ship, which they may have been on for months. They can relax and enjoy a change of food, refreshments, access to books, computers and free phone cards to call home.

All this from a small group of dedicated people involved with this organisation that helps the sailors who make shipping possible, and for which we as a company rely on for business.

For photo purposes, Andy Hansen and Michelle Ray from Solar Solve made the £500 donation using a dummy cheque, as everything is done via online banking these days. The transferred money will go to providing a Christmas lunch to past and present sailors who visit the mission later this December.

For more information on the mission or to make a donation to this charity please visit their website here.