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Every organisation ‘worth its salt’ (warranting respect in a certain field or area, typically because one does one’s job well), will have some sort of system or procedure in place that gives feedback regarding how well, or otherwise, they are performing.

That is certainly the case with Solar Solve and one of the many benefits has been our ability to regularly post them on the website Testimonials page. It was recently refreshed and currently contains 273 very flattering customer commendations. When you have time, please take a look here to see all 273.

Four that are worthy of special note for this particular blog are:-

“Thanks to the whole team who were involved with my order. The advice that I received during my planning stages and the rapid fabrication of the screens was first class. My compliments also go to the dispatch team who packed it” M.P., Master, ‘Deep Blue’ (to which 61 SOLASOLV® screens were supplied).

“My colleague Alan D., Chief Engineer on this vessel paid a visit to your factory. You very kindly gave him some spares for our SOLASOLV® blinds, which, at about 15 years old, have served us well but needed some TLC.”
“We now have a fully operational set of blinds thanks to the parts you gave to Alan. Thanks for the consideration.”
Graham J., Master, Maersk Karachi.

“What a difference on the bridge now we just completed installing our SOLASOLV blinds today, it is so comfortable now and no need to wear the SPF 30 Sunscreen and sunglasses anymore, temperature is even reduced…” Capt. D. Wright, Master, Topaz Rayyan.

I can assure the whole world, because that is where they come from, that every customer commendation is absolutely genuine, with original documentation held at Solar Solve’s Headquarters in South Shields, UK.

John Lightfoot, Solar Solve Chairman