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One of my jobs at Solar Solve is to support the marketing team by writing blogs and news releases. I volunteered to do it because I love almost everything about it. Occasionally it gets stressful, if I cannot find something on the Internet that exactly supports or clarifies a statement I have made in the piece.

I am a Marine Engineer by profession, albeit in another life half a century ago. The research I have to do is usually concerned with ships, shipowners, shipyards, indeed just about everything marine apart from submarines. There are no sales to be had for Solar Solve from submarines but I do admire the designers, builders and especially the people who operate them, which is one thing I could never do.

For the rest of the global maritime sector it is open-season as far as we are concerned. If you have a surface vessel with wheelhouse, navigation bridge or control room windows, Solar Solve has a superior product to protect the crew members from the harmful effects of the sun, snow and ice.

Last week I decided to follow up on an order we had received from a refit and repair shipyard based in Florida that was unknown to me, to see if there was a news story in it. After about 2 hours of totally fascinating reading and very interesting information about both the repair facility itself and the luxury yacht the screens were destined for, I wrote my news release.

I won’t be conceited enough to imply my piece makes fascinating reading but I will suggest that it contains very interesting information about the vessel, MY ASTERIA. The news release SOLASOLV SCREENS FOR TUG CONVERTED TO SUPERYACHT can be read here.

Obviously other members of the marketing team are expected to write news releases in less than 2 hours but I enjoy compiling them so much I do most of the work at home, as a hobby, now that I am semi-retired.

I have to admit it’s not just when I am researching for marine related news releases and blogs that I get waylaid. When I am looking to buy something on the Internet I often end up having ordered 2 additional items that I was not looking for but got side-tracked and purchased en-route before finding what I was after and ordering that, as well.

John Lightfoot, MBE, CMarEng, FIMarEST, Fellow South Shields Marine School

Solar Solve Chairman