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In the current climate there are significant economic and environmental arguments to reduce power consumption, eliminate wastage and increase energy efficiency; the challenge is how to identify products that can help achieve these objectives. Products such as SOLASOLV® anti glare roller screens can certainly help. Apart from the environmental and cost saving benefits, their safety aspect is also extremely important. As a result, sales for SOLASOLV® screens for navigation bridge and control room windows continue to grow year after year.

SOLASOLV® screens, which are manufactured by UK based Solar Solve Marine, use a sophisticated solar shade film which protects crew against the harsh effects of sun glare and heat gain whilst offering a 100% clear outside view. By rejecting up to 93% of glare they significantly reduce eye-strain and reflection ensuring computer displays are easier to read, so human errors are less likely to occur. The sunscreens also have heat rejecting properties to reduce up to 87% of the sun’s heat which helps to reduce fatigue by creating a more comfortable and cooler working environment for crew. This also places less need for air-conditioning which means that environmentally conscious offshore vessel owners can benefit from fuel savings while lowering their CO₂ emissions if they install screens at every window.

In August 2012 Solar Solve received an order from The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) for the RSS James Cook, a British Royal Research Ship. Two SOLASOLV® screens were required for the wheelhouse windows to ensure a clear outward view for safer navigation.

The vessel was built b y Flekkefjord Slipp and Maskinfabrikk AS in Norway in 2006 at a cost of £36 million pounds. It was built to replace the aging RSS Charles Darwin and has a cruising speed of 12 knots and a maximum endurance of 50 days. On her maiden voyage RSS James Cooks was involved in the discovery of what is believed to be the world’s deepest undersea volcanic vents, whist in the Caribbean.

Paul Hopkins, Solar Solve’s Sales and Marketing Executive commented, “ Over the years we have supplied many scientific research vessels including James Clark Ross and Ernest Shackleton so the Captains and Crew of these vessels definitely see the benefit in having SOLASOLV® sunscreens installed at the navigation bridge windows .”