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Social Media is becoming a significant and popular platform on which people spend large portions of the lives with.

We recognise the importance of it and have, for a few years, used it to send out messages that provide updates on our company to our customers, industry colleagues as well as their connections.

This year, we have decided that Social Media shall become a bigger focus and we are going to spend more time and effort on increasing our postings in order to increase our exposure on the platforms.

Coupled with the rest of our marketing techniques we hope this additional focus will generate more impressions leading to a wider catchment of potential customers, more engagements and hopefully a few more enquiries or even some additional orders!

So we hope you will pop by and find out what we are up to, which latest shipping projects we have supplied, or even just come and view some posts on what projects we are supporting in the local community.

As always, we welcome any feedback you may wish to provide and hope you have a good day ahead.

Paul Hopkins, Sales & Marketing Executive