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John and Julie Lightfoot - Best of British Industry Awards 2006Solar Solve Marine were once again hailed as ‘One Of The Best’ at a gala dinner and awards presentation to recognise the Best of British Industry, which took place in the dramatic Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern in London.

Company Directors John, Lilian and Julie Lightfoot were impressed with the very high profile of all the companies represented throughout the 7 categories and realised that winning was not going to be easy.

Short listed with 6 other highly successful British exporters, the directors were pleasantly surprised and extremely proud when the good news was announced that their company had achieved third place in the export category of the Awards.

John Lightfoot, Solar Solve Marine’s founder and chairman commented, “Our philosophy is to win but in this case we were content to take third place. JCB not only beat us but also won the champion-of champions award. Their turnover is also one thousand times more than ours. We are definitely happy for our business and its great team of people.”

Julie Lightfoot, the company’s Managing Director added, “All of the other companies listed for the export award were bigger than Solar Solve. LogicaCMG came second and they employ 40,000 worldwide. Three of the companies that we beat employed over 1,000 people, which tends to put Solar Solve’s placing into context and reinforces our customers’ opinion that Solar Solve is One of the Best.”Best of British Industry Awards 2006 Logo

Solar Solve manufacture the world brand leading SOLASAFE® anti glare roller blinds for the marine industry.