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On a sunny day in June nine of Solar Solve Marine’s employees travelled across the river from their South Shields headquarters in the Port of Tyne, to install 41 SOLASAFE marine window blinds on The World, the largest privately owned residential yacht on the planet. Mounted at the navigation bridge windows, the marine window blinds will protect the vessel’s crew by rejecting very high percentages of heat, glare and uv light from the sun.

The World was berthed at the river’s Northumbrian Quay as part of its 2011 itinerary that will take in 53 countries throughout the year; for the enjoyment of the Residents who occupy the 165 private on-board Residences and who collectively own the ship. They decide where the vessel will go and also who its suppliers will be.

After visiting The World in Liverpool in August 2010 to make a presentation, measure the windows and submit a quotation, Solar Solve then had to supply film samples and in-depth technical information so that the captain and his team could carry out tests on the various SOLASOLV film options, in sunnier climes, to evaluate their effectiveness.

Having satisfied the Captain that Solar Solve Marine was offering the best product to replace the vessel’s existing but ageing marine window blinds, the quotation was submitted to the Residents committee for approval, which was agreed and the work scheduled for her visit to the Port of Tyne.

Julie Lightfoot, Solar Solve Marine’s Managing Director commented, “Understandably there was no shortage of volunteers to install the 41 marine window blinds; everyone wanted to get on board The World to have a good look at this incredible vessel and its unique concept.”

“Staff Captain Frank Liska was very pleased with our work and offered to take a photograph of us all with the screens in the background.”

“The whole project was arranged through John Schneider, the vessel’s Manager, who commented in an email to Carl Johnson, our Operations Director, ‘Thank you and your fabulous team for all the support and professionalism.’”.

“We were delighted to be of service and very pleased with the results. For almost 20 years we have been using the strap-line ‘Shading the world from South Shields UK’ and now it is proving to be doubly true.”

Top Image – The Solar Solve installation team and MD Julie Lightfoot are proud to have their picture taken by The World’s Staff Captain Frank Liska, in front of 3 of the 41 navigation bridge windows that were fitted with SOLASAFE marine window blinds.
World at South Shields
Above Image – The World makes her way up to the Northumbrian Quay in the Port of Tyne with South Shields’ Groyne lighthouse in the right hand foreground. Photo taken by Kevin Blair.

Below Image – What a difference a SOLASAFE marine window blinds makes. This photograph clearly shows the anti-glare benefits of the marine window blinds.

World  3 Windows