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South Shields based Solar Solve Marine continues to enjoy the good fortune it is recently experiencing regarding orders from the Far East, this time with an order that involves 13 newbuilds.. Hot on the heels of orders they won in January from their Osaka based World Wide Distributor, the new order is from Solar Solve’s Hiroshima based WWD.

There are currently about 650 ships on order in Japan and 350 are due to be delivered to their owners in 2018, at an average of around 30 per month.  Solar Solve is delighted to be off to such a good start in ensuring that many of them will be delivered with their brand leading, Type Approved, SOLASAFE products installed at the bridge windows as a navigation safety aid.  When in use, they will reject most of the glare, heat and uv radiation from the sun, to create a much more comfortable working environment.

John Lightfoot, Solar Solve’s chairman commented, “An order like this seems to confirm that the majority of shipowners have the safety and comfort of their shipboard personnel in mind, when designing working environments and living quarters.  Although roller sunscreens at navigation bridge windows are recommended, there is no legislation that stipulates they must be installed.  We must give credit to the people involved who have accept the cost to ensure less stressful conditions for the crew.  Quite possibly some of the ship designers and specifiers may have worked in a wheelhouse themselves and experienced first-hand the significant improvement the SOLASOLV roller sunscreens make, especially on very sunny days.”

The chairman went on to add, “They will also create an equally effective benefit when installed at the navigation bridge windows of vessels that sail in cold, icy weather conditions, by reducing the dazzle and glare from snow and ice, whilst also rejecting much of the cold outside air and reflecting the warmer inside-air back into the wheelhouse.”