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It is 11 weeks since we tentatively re-opened for business after the 3-week government enforced Covid-19 shutdown and during that time we have steadily built up staffing levels and order-processing capacity to near-normal.

We expect to be fully staffed within a week or so and are proud that over the last 11 weeks, the total number of roller sunscreens and blinds that those members of The Solar Solve Team who were working, processed, manufactured and dispatched, equated to 87% of the previous year’s total over the same period.  Confirmation indeed that we are very close to normal order-processing capacity and are able to offer the same excellent products and service that our company is renowned for, all over the maritime world.

Complacency is not something we adopt at Solar Solve.  We are an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured organisation, audited annually and driven by the fact that we are the best and we strive to maintain that pole position.  It’s not just about the brilliant team of people who work here.  We need to be in control of the stock situation, suppliers, order delivery services, finances and we do all of that very effectively with the same determination to succeed.  Our manufacturing facility is twice as big as it needs to be, so that we can store up to 1 year of stock and components and we are currently adding more storage space just for good measure, in case Covid-19 becomes a 3 or 4 year problem, as some ‘experts’ are predicting.

As long as there are businesses and people around the world who need the specialised products that we produce, Solar Solve will be here to supply and delight them; effectively, efficiently and with pride.

JHL MBE SSL Co. Chairman