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For decades DFDS cruiseferries have been arriving and departing from the River Tyne, in the UK, on an almost daily basis and in the past they have occasionally called on the services of South Shields based Solar Solve Marine when needing Type Approved roller blinds or roller sunscreens.

Recently however orders from DFDS have escalated to significant proportions, much to the delight of the team at Solar Solve who not only manufacture and supply this major shipowners exact requirements but some of them get the opportunity to drive to the other side of the river and install them on the vessels that call into the Tyne. The ferry service between the Tyne and Amsterdam is just one of the 4 ferry services from UK that are operated by the Copenhagen headquartered, Danish ferry company, DFDS.

Paul Hopkins, Solar Solve’s Sales and Marketing Executive explained, “Over a 3 month period we received substantial orders for cruiseferry MS Princess Seaways  from the company.  In total we supplied and installed 116 DIMMLITE roller blinds to windows in the crew accommodation and 25 of Solar Solve’s Type Approved Brand leading SOLASAFE roller sunscreens to the windows on the navigation bridge.”

“Throughout the whole process of preparing the quotation, during the installation and after completing the work we regularly received positive feedback from DFDS personnel relating to the quality of our products and service.  I was personally involved with all aspects of the order, including some of the installation and it was a nice job to be associated with and for a friendly company.”

Here are some examples of comments emailed to Solar Solve by members of the on-board DFDS team:-

‘I’m glad you can come so soon.’

‘I think this is splendid result. If we can move on with this speed, then I would be very satisfied.’

‘It went smooth today and your guys were very punctual. It is also a pleasure to cooperate with you.’

‘That is fantastic.’

‘We enjoyed cooperation and communication very much. Most important, the crew is happy with the window blinds, so good job!’

During the same period Solar Solve also supplied orders totalling another 116 roller blinds and sunscreens to DFDS for various other vessels including DFDS DELFT, DFDS DUNKERQUE and KING SEAWAYS.

In a recent World Travel Awards ceremony, DFDS won the accolades of Europe’s Leading Ferry Operator 2012-2018 and the World’s Leading Ferry Operator 2011-2018, which they are obviously very proud of and truly delighted about.