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One of the great advantages about being Number One in your field of business is that you attract other highly successful businesses and other organisations as customers: and lots of them.

It tends to make life very easy for me when I have to select a ‘significant’ order every month or so to write a News Release about, because there are so many to choose from.  If only all my other tasks were so easy.  But “That’s life”, as they say!

For the month of June I prepared a news release using some information I had put aside a few weeks ago and didn’t get round to using.  ( ).  It was not our biggest order but bigger than most and for a brand new Dutch owned, Spanish built sophisticated multi-purpose cable layer plus dredger plus umbilical loading and installation plus lots of other things, some of which I’ve never heard of and had to Google them.

I was pleased but quietly surprised that the order was for 52 SOLASAFE, which seemed a lot but when I checked out the images of ‘LIVING STONE’ on the Internet ( ) I saw straightaway the vast area of windows right round the bridge, which is obviously not just used for navigation.

It never ceases to amaze me how vessels just keep getting bigger and bigger and more and more super sophisticated.  I have mentioned before that Marine Engineering is my profession and I am very proud of the fact and that I am ‘an engineer’ in a wider sense of the word because it means I am associated with people who design these vessels as well as vastly more sophisticated ones.

And, when we at Solar Solve are involved with supplying our first class products to some of these mind blowing vessels, it makes us all feel very proud……  Then reality dawns and we are all brought back down to earth because Jamie told Ian it’s time we had a quarterly fire drill.  At least they picked a canny day for it but we all think the last one was only a month ago…. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having a good time?? 

And finally, whilst we were outside the building standing around waiting for the head count, we referred to the fact we’ve never seen any other factory staff on our Industrial estate carrying out fire drills, which they are obliged to do by law.  However, somebody did say that of the other 8 factories we can see, partially at least, all of them have areas where they could assemble, out of our sight.  So that’s all right then.  What about where you work??