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“It’s all looking good for the future”, is quite a bold statement to make in these uncertain times and there is always the realisation that the situation could change at any time and within an instant.

The fact remains though that we are having a very good year so far.  There was one concern, that Solar Solve Marine had a very busy final quarter last year and we wonder if we can emulate or exceed it this year. 

I’m delighted to report that we have started well and if the number of enquiries and quotes we have dealt with so far, along with the orders already placed, is anything to go by, then we should have no problems achieving this goal.

We are also buoyed by the many commendations we receive from customers who are delighted with our products and super service and actually take time out of their busy work schedules to let us know.  One such individual is Captain Andreas Kristensen, Master of the cruise-ferry King Seaways which is owned and operated by the Danish shipping company DFDS Seaways. 

After the completion of a 4-order contract Captain Kristensen commented, “We had SOLASOLV® sunscreens installed on Princess Seaways and were extremely happy with them so we wanted to install them on our other ship King Seaways. The Solar Solve team did a great job of measuring and fitting the 48 film sunscreens on the bridge and also fitting the 34 fabric roller blinds in the cabins of the crew.  We are extremely satisfied once again with their products and service.”

Solar Solve’s new website is also proving to be phenomenally successful at attracting visitors, including many from some really remote places, who generate a whole variety of enquiries that we can help them with and very often they become delighted customers.  The variety of applications for our products, that we had not envisaged when they were originally designed, is opening up new opportunities.  They are proving to be just what the customer was looking for or hoping for and a chance for us to do a bit more business out in the great wide world by solving someone’s solar problem for them, wherever they may be.

It’s all good stuff!!

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