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Some readers will already be aware that the official launch of the newly upgraded ROLASOLV® range, with lower prices, was on 1st October.  This project was already slated for action at the start of last year and the reduced demand for our products and services due to the COVID-19 pandemic shut downs, offered an ideal opportunity for our team to bring the plans forward.

It was a blessing in disguise, because the original plan was to address some of the limitations that occurred from time to time, when we had to manufacture large numbers of ordinary roller blinds and to simply make ad-hoc changes, where possible.

Currently, 85% of Solar Solve’s output is for our world-famous Type Approved cassette mounted SOLASAFE® roller sunscreen and our SOLAROLA® product, both of which are installed at the wheelhouse windows on tens of thousands of ships and other locations around the world and comprise our SOLASOLV® range.

The same situation existed when we relocated to this new facility in 2015. Consequently, with such a high demand for our flagship SOLASOLV® products, , the layout of the manufacturing processes and equipment was designed and installed exclusively for 100% production of roller sunscreens, which take much longer to make.

Upgrading the layout of the production processes during lockdown, to speed up the manufacture of fabric roller blinds, has been an overwhelming success.  The expected rise in future demand for all four products in the ROLASOLV® range, plus the reduction in cost of components due to benefits from economy of scale and a wider choice of fabrics, which can be viewed online, have allowed the company to reduce ROLASOLV® prices.  Roller blinds can now be made much quicker and are still produced as perfect, Type Approved products that carry a 12-month Guarantee.

The reductions apply to all four ROLASOLV® product brands: LITETITE®, STOPLITE®, CASSLITE® and DIMMLITE®.  They are all available in 4 Fabric Ranges; consisting of 9 fabric types and a multitude of colours.  Great news for our current customers and all the new customers we expect will take advantage of the magnificent savings Solar Solve is passing directly on to them.  Prices that are not reduced will remain the same.

John Lightfoot, Solar Solve Chairman