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All seven members of the South Shields based Solar Solve Marine team who started taking NVQ’s and equivalent training courses at the beginning of this year have passed with flying colours.

Pictured proudly showing off their certificates are Ron Taylor, Production Manager (Team Leading), Krys Short, Production Technician (Warehousing), Paul Hopkins, Sales and Marketing Executive (Level 3 Management), Leanne Reilly, Office Administrator (Level 3 Administration) Carl Johnson, Operations Director (Level 5 Management), Avis McGovern, Office Administrator (Level 3 Administration) and Adam Reilly, Production Supervisor (Level 3 Management).

Successfully completing these courses is a sure sign that the people working there are extremely capable and qualified to carry out their duties and a sound indication that they understand the role they play within the organisation, as well as having an excellent insight into the company itself, its aims and objectives. In some cases the individuals undertook higher qualifications than currently required to show commitment to the company, as potential candidates for promotion whenever an opportunity arises or even just to ensure they are as well qualified and educated as they can be, should they decide to move elsewhere to further their career.

Whilst the directors at Solar Solve like to think that their customers already enjoy the best service available, they know that improvements can always be made in any organisation and look upon staff training as a major factor in this regard.

As one of her responsibilities, Avis McGovern has taken on the role of Training Officer for the company and she commented, “We are always doing some kind of training for the staff so that they continue to be more than capable of answering any queries or concerns that any of our worldwide customers or prospects may have, as well as effectively and efficiently processing, manufacturing and dispatching orders for SOLASOLV anti-glare roller sunscreens to all of them.”

John Lightfoot, company chairman concluded, “Considering most of the staff spend some of their own time completing the courses I am always impressed that they are so keen to learn. These courses are by no means ‘easy street’; they entail a lot of hard work which everyone seems to relish. We do of course encourage it for our own benefit as much as the employees and when we get results as good these, everyone’s a winner.”