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Being an old guy my musical preferences are circa the 1960’s and my preferences for comedy and humorous sit-coms go back a couple of decades or more.  One favourite situation comedy of mine from the 1980’s, which I am currently watching on TV, is Ever Decreasing Circles, starring Richard Briers as Martin Bryce.  His character fits an Internet description of Ever Decreasing Circles exactly; “To go round in circles” is to repeat things without ever achieving anything. If the circles are always getting smaller (ever-decreasing) things get worse each time.

However, in a 1987 episode, Martin is peeved because he only needs one 6-inch nail but the local supermarket, to which he has defected for his DIY requirements because they are cheaper, will only sell him a pack of 12.  He has to eat humble-pie and go to the old-established family business of LAZENBY’S IRONMONGERS where he is served by 90-year-old Mr. Lazenby (played by Arthur Howard), son of the founder.

Apologising profusely for having defected in the past Martin is assured it is not a problem and Mr. Lazenby is delighted to serve Martin with one 6-inch nail, which is wrapped and tied with string.  He goes on the say, “That’s what retailing is about Mr. Bryce.  We open our doors and we hope customers will come in but I have no right to expect them to come in.”
“A customer is to be valued and respected, whether they shop here every day or only once in their lifetime.”

Those words do not only apply to retailing but to every organisation that has customers and they are just as true today as they have always been, since trading first began.  Here at Solar Solve Marine they personify exactly what we are all about and we have over 100 Customer Commendations on our website TESTIMONIALS page to confirm it.

Mr. Lazenby sells Martin Bryce one 6-inch nail

Above Image – Iron monger Mr. Lazenby (Arthur Howard) sells Martin Bryce (Richard Briers) one 6-inch nail (before gift-wrapping it).  Taken from Ever Decreasing Circles, Series 4, Episode 2, 1987.