Regular readers of our quarterly Solar Vision newsletter will know that every 6 months one employee is nominated as Star Employee. The lucky member of staff is then presented with a trophy and gains an extra day’s holiday as a reward for their hard work over the previous 6 months. To qualify for the award the member of staff must have full time and attendance, which in Solar Solve’s case is always the majority of staff. They then have to go above and beyond their normal duties to win the coveted extra holiday.

The leader board for most awards (at the current factory) is Paul Hopkins, Leanne Reilly & Adam Reilly all with 3 wins under their belts. Leanne tells me that she won it at the old St Hilda’s factory so that would put her in the all time overall lead with 4.

Yours truly was nominated as the Star Employee for July – December 2013. While I won’t blow my own trumpet, I will say it was thoroughly deserved ☺. My triumph broke a 2 year dominance by the Reilly’s (Brother & Sister duo, Adam & Leanne). While I would like to say I enjoyed the extra days holiday I won, sods law would have it that I caught a bug that kept me in bed most of the day that I took the holiday. See Carl presenting me with the trophy here.