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In my previous blog I said last Tuesday was hectic as we dealt with the initial UK Government directives relating to COVID-19, plus some other things that were scheduled for that day.  Little did I realise that only 1 week later a similarly exciting day would evolve, as a result of even more stringent directives from a further COVID-19 declaration; this time instructing businesses like ours to close the doors for 3 weeks and send everyone home for the duration.

In the run-up to this, we had anticipated factory closure may occur and we did have plans in place for admin staff to work from home but it happened sooner than we had expected and we still needed to tweak one or two things and buy a couple more laptops.  With shops starting to close their doors it was a challenge but by 5pm we had all the promised orders made and collected by the carriers and all of the admin team organised with equipment tested, so that Solar Solve was ‘good to go’ from its remote locations.  Our brilliant team worked excellently together as they always do, especially when under pressure.

By 4pm on Tuesday 24th March we had issued a Message from the Solar Solve Directors stating:-

As a result of a UK Government Covid-19 declaration, we have to close the Solar Solve manufacturing facility for 3 weeks with immediate effect.  The Government will then look at the situation again to see if there is any evidence to enable them to relax the rules so that we can re-start production.

Between now and 14th April we cannot manufacture or dispatch any products.  However, the Solar Solve Admin Team will be working from their remote locations so that we can keep in touch with our customers, suppliers and all valued stakeholders.  They will be able to deal with most day-to-day items relating to enquiries, quotes, orders, sales and purchase invoices, etc.

We apologise for any inconvenience this will cause.

We share the concern of the global community and hope the COVID-19 virus can be contained and eradicated as quickly as possible.

A similarly worded COVID-19 banner was placed at the top of every page on the Solar Solve website.  It can be accessed from this LINK.

The first 2 days of factory shutdown are now over and we have dealt with all of the enquiries and requests for quotations; accepted orders to be started as soon as we are told we can re-open the manufacturing facility and dealt with incoming and outgoing finances and other normal administrative transactions.

You will see from this blog that we are also able to keep our website content bang-up-to-date.

Take care everyone and please obey the COVID-19 rules relating to your country.  It is really heartening to be part of a global community that is working together to beat an enemy that none of us has control over.

It has to be one of the times when using the term UNITED WE STAND definitely applies.

JHL MBE SSL Co. Chairman