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 As a well run, ISO Quality Assured and very successful business organisation, at Solar Solve we conduct regular staff appraisals for all employees. The owners/directors attend all of the main annual appraisals that always take place in mid-January of every year.

As a consequence, chairman John Lightfoot is constantly impressed to hear how hard everyone in the company works; how committed they are to our customers and how flexible they are. Everyone is prepared to do whatever they can to ensure our customers get what they want and are delighted with the excellent service and great products that Solar Solve provides.

Some employees can perform every task from handling an initial enquiry, request for quotation, raise an order, manufacture any product, make the wooden packing case, complete the carriage documentation and dispatch the goods. Many of them are competent in over 75% of the total procedures involved.

Some employees work mainly in the office but can go into the factory and perform most of the production tasks. Just about everyone can go out on a customer visit to measure up for an order and then return to install the blinds or screens if required.

The more skilled Production Technicians have travelled as far as Australia, Singapore, the USA and many countries in Europe including all parts of the United Kingdom, on measuring and installation jobs for our sun-blinds for ships.

History has shown that here in the UK job demarcation has been the downfall or death knell of many businesses, some of which were mega-industries.

After the recent appraisals, John Lightfoot, Company Chairman commented, “At Solar Solve we have only multi-skilled, multi-tasked, flexible team members working for the mutual benefit of our respected customers and the company’s continuing reputation for excellence in everything that we do.”

“I am very well aware of how exceptional every employee is. Every week we receive Customer Commendations that are full of praise. It still gives me a lot of satisfaction and great pride when I sit in the appraisals and listen to what is said and realise how committed everyone is to the success of Solar Solve.”