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As the world’s leading brand of window sunscreens, we have been manufacturing window blinds since 1975, have provided over 175,000 shades to over 18,000 vessels, and we’re also the first brand to become Type Approved for our marine solar screens by ABS and DNV.

We’re always on the lookout to help improve the processes on board all vessels, from cruise ships to tugs and oil rigs, and improve the safety of everyone, from crew and staff to guests and owners.

The recent fourth annual Maritime Safety Week celebrated the best safety practices and highlighted how to enhance your standards as lockdown restrictions ease and more people than ever holiday in the UK. So, here at Solar Solve we considered we too can help to ensure safety on our coast, lakes and waterways.

Solar Solve is the ideal solution to scenarios where flexible light transmittance is required and permanent application of adhesive window film is not allowed – that’s why we’re known as a leading brand within the marine industry.

But, from safety to money saving, how can our products help on board your vessel?

A safer working environment

Working on board a vessel can be demanding, with crew working long hours. After all, the sea never sleeps. Our ROLASOLV Fabric Blackout Roller Shades are known for turning day into night, to ensure everyone, from crew and guests to owners get valuable rest, wherever and whenever they need it.

Aside from the need to block out daylight, vessels are also always susceptible to glare and heat from the sun, which if not managed appropriately can lead to the alteration of navigational light colours and allow radiation through from the sun.

Our Anti-Galre Screens are known for their contribution towards an incident-free and more comfortable operational environment. From reducing eye strain, by reducing up to 93% of glare and reflection, to filtering harmful UV radiation, Solar Solve will make your crew’s job easier, and more importantly, safer.

Environmental impacts

A widely discussed topic in the shipping industry today is sustainability. How can businesses change practices to reach sustainability targets? Increasing vessel efficiency is one of the industry’s solutions with the most scope, having the potential to improve sustainability significantly.

The environmental advantages to reducing power consumption, eliminating wastage and increasing energy efficiency within the marine and shipping industry is huge, and products such as SOLASOLV Antiglare Roller Screens can help to achieve this by reducing demand on air cooling systems, helping to lower harmful CO2 emissions for a greener, cleaner environment.

Cost savings

Although reducing the need for air conditioning and increasing energy efficiency will positively impact the environment by resulting in lower fuel consumption, these factors can save the average larger vessel up to 81% on their power spend, reducing your running costs massively.

With lockdown lifting and the need for sustainability efforts becoming more pressing, there has never been a better time to install SOLASOLV screens on your vessel, to ensure safer navigation, crew comfort and more.

Want to see how we can help measure and install your vessel with a bespoke Solar Solve solution? Get in touch for a quote now.