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South Shields based Solar Solve Marine recently dispatched an order for their brand leading SOLASAFE® product to Australia’s Northern Territory.  The screens have been manufactured with SOLASOLV® GOLD solar film, the most effective available at rejecting solar glare, heat and ultra violet light and are destined for the wheelhouse windows of the high speed catamaran ferry Tiwi Mantari, that links Darwin with the Tiwi Islands and is operated by Sealink NT.

Solar Solve chairman John Lightfoot commented, “For most of the year the temperature in that area ranges from around 20°C to 30°C, which is pretty hot for most of the time and so the ferry operator wisely chose to have the screens made with gold solar film, the most effective and efficient when excessive sunlight is a problem.”

John also added, “One of the vessels claims to fame, and rightly so, is that during its delivery voyage to Darwin from Townsville, in August 2014, the skipper received a call from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority to go and rescue two divers whose boat had sank whilst they were underwater.  Ironically it was the second time the divers had seen the Tiwi Mantari as it had sped past 2 hours earlier but the skipper failed to see them waving from a distance.”

“Hopefully a similar situation will never occur again, but if it does, with the benefit of the new SOLASAFE® screens installed at the navigation bridge windows, the watchkeepers will have a far better chance of spotting anyone in distress.”