Just before we closed for 5 days over Christmas a big consignment of SOLASOLV and ROLASOLV products were dispatched to our very successful World Wide Distributor based in South Korea for installation on a number of vessels, mainly being built in South Korean yards.

One that is of special interest to us is the consignment of 69 SOLASAFE screens that will be installed at the navigation bridge windows of MADRID MAERSK, which is nearing completion at DSME in Opko and when delivered in April 2017 is expected to be the first vessel with a capacity of more than 20,000teu. The mind boggles. More information can be found in our NEWS pages on this website.

When we closed up on 22nd December, after a hectic 3 weeks, we knew we would be returning today to some orders for imminent dispatch as well as our annual stocktake has to be completed. Little did we expect to be inundated with Enquiries, RFQ’s and Orders but we have been.

In fact, this December is going to be far and away the busiest we have had in a long time, possibly the busiest we have ever had. We have dealt with Enquiries right through the holidays and to come back to so many orders between Christmas and the New Year makes us wonder if this will be a one-off year or does it mark a change in working practices for the future?

Either way, we will be ‘Always Ready’ (the motto of South Shields, our home town) to deal with whatever comes our way and whenever it arrives.

Happy New Year !!