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“Winners train, losers complain” That is the slogan on a T-Shirt that is pinned in the training room here at Solar Solve. This is a reminder that no matter how much we think we know, we can all learn something new! That said many of the team here at Solar Solve have just completed many various courses aimed at not only increasing the individuals knowledge but to also assist the business and ultimately our customers in the future. Staff at Solar Solve undertake various In – House sessions throughout the year. However, when the opportunity arises or the demand is there for staff to take on something new then we are more than happy to support them.

Some of the courses involved were Auto CAD (Computer Aided Drawing), Electrical & Electronic Engineering taken through South Tyneside College. Some also undertook various ILM Management courses including Innovation, Project Management, and Delegation etc. The courses ran from a few days up to a year. At the time of writing we have been verbally informed that all staff have passed the various exams, assignments and assessments needed to complete their courses – we are just awaiting the certificates. So congratulations to all staff involved.

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