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In the middle of March Solar Solve’s 3 board directors managed the company’s booth on the British Pavilion at APM Singapore and were very pleased with the number of visitors they dealt with and the quality of the enquiries.

Although the networking opportunities were significant, useful and very worthwhile, it is always difficult at the time and soon afterwards to evaluate the success of such a venture with regard to increasing sales.

Nearly two months have now passed and we are pleased with the results so far regarding both the number of orders that have been received as a direct result of attending the show and the many ongoing enquiries that we expect will convert into orders.

Exhibitions are always a gamble in time, effort and funds but it seems APM has been really positive for Solar Solve. This is in spite of a general aura of doom and gloom that pervaded the show for many exhibitors, who are currently experiencing significant reductions in sales for all of the reasons that are well known to all of us.

Nevertheless there are still a lot of business opportunities. Every day we get opportunities from companies that need a product like ours and who want the Brand Leading SOLASOLV and ROLASOLV screens to ensure a hassle-free experience. Some of those opportunities were created as a result of Solar Solve’s attendance at APM 2016 in Singapore, which is always good to know.